Little Digital Discoveries.

I think most parents could fill an entire hard drive titled Things I found on my computer, phone, or ipad that I had nothing to do with.

Little digital presents, from little digital children.

The Little Travellers do not have an iPad.

I do.

But every now and then they become a little confused about the word “my” and mistake it for the word “our”.

This means that often when I’m downloading pictures, or randomly scrolling while I wait for a child, I discover what has really gone down while I’ve been out of the room.

Sometimes it’s cute

And sometimes it’s a video of your children running through the house shaking your beloved ipad to allow for an earthquake reenactment. And just before you lock them in their rooms with a weeks supply of bread and water, you realize that you were RIGHT there in the room with them! But just a little preoccupied (getting rid of the wine bottles from the night before). And no, he isn’t naturally cross eyed and yes, that was a fart noise.

And then sometimes you discover the most beautiful piece of writing you’ve ever read in your life.

“not even Amelia Earheart is cooler than you”

Can someone promise me she’ll feel that way when she’s 17?

Made any digital discoveries lately?

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