It’s All About the Donuts.

Henry Hotdog continues to be blown away by every piece of Australiana he sees.

“Hey look! That building has an Australian flag on it”.

“Hey look! That man has an Australian flag on his uniform.”

“Hey look! That sign had a picture of a kangaroo on it – look out for kangaroos everyone.”

The third little traveler had finally had enough this morning and said “you get it that we’re in Australia don’t you?”

It hasn’t curbed his enthusiasm.

At times I feel like I’m driving a tour bus.

“Hey look at all the grass. Have you ever seen so much grass?” We were driving on a major highway and he was pointing to a median strip.

“What’ya call that tree Mum? Is that a gum tree? Do you think it’s got koala’s in it?”

He was pointing to a Jacaranda tree.

Australia in Henry’s eyes is the land of wondrous noises, places and food.

“What’s that noise?”

“Birds” the third traveler announces in a monotone.

“Are they always so loud? They’re booootiful”

The third traveler looks at me and shakes his head in a where did you find this guy manner.

At about 1am this morning I woke up to hear him calling out to his brother, he was jet lagged and confused about the time, he thought it was time to get up. “Fred, Fred, are you awake? Fred, Fred, its morning. Fred, Fred, Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed”.

I went into his room to find Fred with a pillow over his head, I carried Henry Hotdog to my bed.

“What’s that noise?” he looked alarmed.

“It’s rain, big fat heavy drops of rain. There’s nothing better than the sound of rain on the roof when you’re snuggled up in bed” I tell him.

He looks confused.

“I don’t get it? Why did you and Dad ever leave this place? I mean, they make the best donuts here!”

I wonder about that often.

How we left the donuts behind.

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