Who Threw the Dog Out?

I posted this on the 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle’s Facebook page last week.

It made me giggle out loud when I read it.

And then yesterday – someone actually put their dog in the bin. And left it there to die.

Not giggling.

G was out walking the beagle when he heard the sound of a puppy coming from a dumpster. It was six in the morning and already close to 35 degrees. The beagle immediately became excited at the prospect of puppy for breakfast so G brought her home. He grabbed the third little traveler, some water and a bowl, and drove the car back to the dumpster. And there it was. Surrounded by garbage at the bottom of the bin. An eight week old Saluki puppy.

We’d call it a skip bin in Australia, in France it’s a Benne (this is why French people giggle when they meet men called Ben), in America it’s a dumpster. I have no idea what it is in Arabic but I can tell you, it’s really bloody hot, dark, smelly and I imagine a pretty awful way to die.

How do you throw a puppy in a bin? Do you lift the lid, chuck it in and drive off? Do you hesitate? Do you have to explain to any children where the puppy went? Do you wake up in the morning and wonder if it’s dead yet? Or do you just get someone else to do it? “Here – get rid of this for me”.

The puppy needs a home. The little travelers obviously feel that that home is with us, but the beagle has other ideas. The beagle thinks the puppy needs fattening up with a side dish of beef jerky.

The puppy has been dewormed, vaccinated and had a lovely big bubble bath. It’s currently spending some time at the vet, where they are referring to it as “Skip”. Here it is with our very gorgeous neighbour Trish (she works at Qatar Veterinary Centre which was very handy at 7.30 yesterday morning).

If you think you have enough love for Skip – please call QVC – Qatar 44216405 or pop in to say Hi. He really is seriously cute.

*Please share with anyone you think may be interested. Lets see if we can find this puppy a home by the end of the week.

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