If you can’t write anything nice…

I travelled to London with a tooth in my pocket.

The third little traveler had been taunting us all week with his wobbly tooth, it was dangling by a thread. Every time someone offered advice on how to remove his baby tusk they were met with the same explanation.

“I’m trying to keep it until I get to London – a British pound is worth much more than a Qatari riyal”.

He’s his father’s son.

When we’d arrived at the airport on Friday, before the drama, he congratulated himself on making it, he’d arrived with the tooth barely attached, he was going to get to London with a week up his sleeve.

And then it all fell apart.

While we waited for our cab to take us home he said “I guess the tooth fairy will have to come in Qatar.”

And then, to add insult to injury, his tooth fell out.

“I’ll take it with me, I’ll put it under your “London” pillow.

I didn’t know if the third little traveler would get to London, but I knew no matter what he was going to get a British pound for that tooth. I’d crossed the line from rational thought to I will get my child whatever they want because the world is just not playing fair at this moment.

I had my first nasty blog comment the other day, naturally it was “anonymous” – I’ll never really understand the anonymous online comment. Where I come from, if you want to say something, say it loud, say it with conviction and please, say it with your head held high. Don’t hide behind anonymous.

“I just find it sad you left your family. Have fun shopping I guess.” – Anonymous

Anonymous, I’m sure you realized that what you said was going to hurt, no mother wants to be told that she is selfish and irresponsible. If you were trying to upset me, you were bang on, you voiced my darkest innermost thoughts, and tripped off the mother’s guilt switch – until I spoke to G. Logistics and economics will always win in G’s mind “It was stupid that we didn’t just put you and the 2nd traveler on the plane immediately, it cost a fortune to change the flights, we’d already paid for the accommodation. We did the right thing. Ignore anonymous, they obviously just didn’t get it.”

The entire family has been here now for 24 hours. We’ve all been on The London Eye, walked through The Tower of London and squealed on top of a double decker bus. The first two nights that the 2nd little traveler and I were here together on our own are a distant memory, but a memory that she will have forever. Two days of uninterrupted Mummy time where we rode bikes through Hyde Park and stopped for hot chocolate and browsed through book shops. We’re now back to normal, my role has just returned to accommodating four needs instead of one.

The third little traveler needs a tooth fairy, the 4th traveler needs a lap to sit on and the 1st traveler has her own ideas on how this holiday will pan out. 

At this point I figure I have two jobs at the top of my list. 

Number one, make sure the tooth fairy can find her way in to the apartment with a British pound in her pocket. Number two, make sure my children learn that if they can’t put their name to their words, well, maybe they shouldn’t be writing them.

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