Picture This.

I’m linking up with Edenland again this week.

“You want to share some of your photo favourite photos lately?”

Why yes, I think I do.

Although I was miserable this week without my voice and without the usual contact of friends. There were a few giggles. Like these:

I don’t know why, “Baby on Board” car thingy’s get up my bum, but when they say “Baby in board” they make me giggle.

When I was miserable about losing my voice and sitting in silence, Ms 11 made this on her plate with the sauce bottle. Ms 11 will one day stand at the top of a tall building, convincing someone not to jump. She’s that person.

After I wrote a post about the beagle and her eating habits, and Ferrero Rochers and my eating habits, the beagle got all ironic on me and ate the rest of the box of Ferrero Rochers that I’d started. True story. I found her in the bathtub, having a drink. I imagine all that chocolate made her a bit thirsty. This is the beagle making an exit when she realized I’d caught her.

Tomatoes from the market, which are now bubbling away on the stove in their new role of tomato sauce.

This piece of artwork that arrived from Australia. I love this artist. The excitement that came as G was unrolling the canvas was like Christmas.
The fourth little traveler wanted a photo of him and I being crazy. Somehow I ended up looking crazy while he just looked cute?

And finally, this morning I drove the second little traveler to a birthday party that involved going off road. As I drove over the rubble with my boobs giggling up and down and our teeth rattling, she said through fits of giggles “Maya is so lucky to live down here, I bet this is her favourite bit of the ride home from school”. 

Sometimes we need to see the world through the eyes of a nine year old.

My voice is back. I’ve been to a party. It’s a new week. And after blogging every day, writing two articles and finishing a chapter of the book I’ve realized that maybe I needed to lose my voice to discover a few things.

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