The third little traveler enjoyed his role of the youngest child, and the only boy, for the first two and half years of his life. He was born into an ideal setting on the Mediterranean Sea in Malta.  My very generous in laws joined me for the first six weeks of his life – it was heaven. While they spent their days with the two girls at the park, on the bus, and by the beach, I got myself sorted out and marveled over the third travelers newness. I had the knowledge of two babies behind me, combined with the appreciation of the fact that this could be the last baby. I savored every minute of it.

The first little traveler would hover over the third, desperate for cuddles, the second little traveler at 15 months offered her help by throwing “gifts” in to his stroller and cot. There were many times that I would find a “gift” of a sippy cup or a wiggles guitar next to my newborns head. Those first six weeks were the calm before the storm. When we arrived back in Libya we were back to reality. No parents, no walks along the beach to the park. I remember sitting in my kitchen breastfeeding the third traveler while I spooned food in to the second travelers mouth, “can you come and wipe my bottom” screamed the first traveler.  I thought back to the view from our apartment in Malta.

Two and half years later we were living in Canada, and I was pregnant with number four. The third traveler was desperate for a brother. DESPERATE. To the point that I’m pretty sure if we arrived home from the hospital with another sister he may have packed up and moved out.

I must remember to remind him of that.

We went out for Japanese last night. It was a reward for the third little traveler, he was set a challenge and reached his goal, he asked for Tepanyaki, he wanted to sit up at the bar and watch the chef cook it. I went to take a picture of him and realized I had the video on, and then I became distracted by the fourth little traveler. He was chatting away to himself, he’d been told to put the chopsticks down but he was in his own little world – until he got bored and decided to see if he could get a rise out of his older brother.

I think this video captures the essence of siblings. I love it because the third little traveler has a moment where he could have taken the chopsticks and shoved them neatly into each eye of the fourth little traveler – but he didn’t. The fourth little traveler looks in my direction with a look of pure naughtiness. It is his signature look. There is a moment where he contemplates trying to pinch the third little travelers nose and then decides against it. Wise decision buddy.

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