I like it.

The eldest little traveller is eleven. This means she has entered the world of the tween and is beginning to speak another language.

It’s a language I’m picking up in snippets.

I find it’s much the same as learning French or Arabic, apart from the fact there are no books and every time you get something wrong your teacher rolls her eyes and tells you you’re sooooooo embarrassing!

The other challenge is I can never receive a set lesson time, it’s important that I catch what she’s said the first time around as having to repeat yourself to your mother is about as annoying as a mosquito in a sleeping bag. Don’t even bother trying to schedule a lesson in the morning.

Apart from the usual gangsta talk, I’m learning a whole new concept of “like”. Gone are the days of just “liking” something, you have to “like, like” it. As in “like” it online.

Ms 11 is not on Facebook and doesn’t have a phone, but she’s a keen Instagram fan.

“Can you post that so I can like it?” has become a regular request.

“But I know you like it?”

“Yeah, but I want to like like it.

Every time we watch a link together on my laptop I receive the prompt.

“You need to like it”.

“But I’m not sure if I like it that much?”

“You should still like it”

This appears to be a universal issue. A girlfriend of mine who has a household of girls, refereed a recent argument over a picture on Facebook “I posted it and you didn’t ‘like’ it” announced the eldest to her younger sister. She’d said she liked it, but she hadn’t like liked it.

It’s important to “like” it.

You may have noticed there’s something new on 4 kids, 20 suitcases… today.

I have a Facebook page. It’s up there in the top right hand corner. I turned a 10 minute exercise in to about three hours of blogging template hell – it wasn’t pretty and I will not be heading back in to the world of html code for awhile.

If you like, you can like it.

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