When in Rome.

G is in Rome. He left last night, he was trying really hard to not look too excited. He’s learnt after years of practice that it’s better to play it down – it’s safer. As a pilots wife said to me this morning “never whistle while you pack”.

He arrived in Rome earlier today. I know this because the text came through while I was dropping the children at school. “Landed”. If there was a permanent record somewhere of texts received, I’d say my top three texts from G would be “just boarded” followed by “landed” and “just leaving the office now”. It’s highly possible that all three of these texts also finish with the words “get your knickers off”.
I was happy to see he’d arrived safely. I thought of him in Rome and wondered what the weather was like and what he could see right now. Did he catch a cab or a train from the airport? Are there people outside on the street drinking coffee?

I wonder if he is doing what the Romans do? When he’s in Rome…

I am not in Rome. 
And that’s okay. 
No. Really. It’s okay.
I thought about going to Rome. I thought about the hotel. I thought about the food. I thought about G and I sleeping in a hotel room without a little traveller nestled in between us. I thought about the fashion. I thought about the boots, ahhhh the boots, I want new boots. I could see the boots and hear myself saying “These? I bought them in Rome”. I thought about the pastries, the Connoli, the pasta, then I thought about the boots again.
And then I thought about logistics. Who would go where? What would happen when the youngest little traveller woke up at night? What would happen if someone had to go to the hospital like they did last month? What would happen…There were a lot of what would happens. Rugby, Basketball, Cross Country, French – How would that work? 
“Where’s your Mummy?” someone would say “She left the country – to buy boots” they would answer.
The third little traveller has an ear infection, the second little traveller is ecstatic about making the school basketball squad, her tournament is on Thursday. The first little traveller is working on a major project that involves recording your voice on to slides for a presentation. I think she is presenting the project to the United Nations next week as she seems a little stressed about it. 
This morning I woke up with a panda called Noodles and a Moose called Quincy, they’d been carried in to my bed by the fourth little traveller during the night. “Where’s Daddy” he asked. “Remember he had to go to Rome – he left last night, he kissed you while you were sleeping”.
“I better sleep with you this week – just so you don’t get lonely” he says.
Rome – you and I – our timing just isn’t right. Plus, there’s no way I’m missing that basketball tournament. I’ll get to you. I will. We will have canolli while drinking coffee and there will be boots. For you will always be there.

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