The wardrobe doors

A few months ago G made a not so subtle comment about me ALWAYS leaving my wardrobe doors open. If we were 5 years old I would have turned to him and said “do not, you do” but we’re not – we’ve been married for 13 years so I said “rubbish! YOU always leave YOUR wardrobe doors open”and left the room. That’s how grown ups say “do not, you do”.

Subsequently, over the past few months you may have heard G or myself letting out a deep and exaggerated sigh as we’ve gone through the horror and despair of having to close each others wardrobe doors. We have both reached our own personal point of ridiculous. G’s came after watching me close his doors the other day “I’m not finished with my wardrobe yet thank you very much” he said, and then he stood staring in to his wardrobe looking for something to do for the next minute or two.

But this morning – I took it to a whole new level.

I emailed my husband a picture of his wardrobe doors with a subject line that said “would you like me to close these for you”.

I know. It’s so sad.

He didn’t reply.

I promptly forgot about it (after having a giggle with a couple friends about it over coffee).

Two hours later he sent me a text asking if we could have *Bob for dinner on Saturday night, I replied “sure” and asked if he had tickets to an event we’re meant to be going to tomorrow. There will be a point very soon in our relationship where the wardrobe doors become a distant memory, something else will take it’s place. I know this because before the wardrobe doors it was the pile of papers on the desk, before that it was the tomato plant holder that was hanging right at the back door so you hit your head on it every time you walked outside. The papers are still there, the tomato plant has been moved – you win some, you lose some. And you remember to be thankful that this is your biggest worry right now – or that this little worry can distract you from the bigger ones for awhile.

A love affair that has lasted 61 years – by Doris and Max from ABC Open Sunraysia on Vimeo.

“Over all the years she has never altered”
“He was a real hunk”
“I could never ever give sufficient praise or whatever’s necessary to express my thanks, appreciation and love of my wife”
“We were just so very happy”. 
I want to be married to G for 61 years. I want to tell the world he was a real hunk and that he made me so very happy – particularly when he closed the wardrobe doors.

*his name’s not really Bob – but you knew I was going to say that didn’t you.

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