Counting goats

I drive to school twice a day, every day. Sometimes I drive there three times and on a particularly disorganized forgot-my-lunch, left-my-sports-uniform-at-the-door, volunteer-to-decorate-another-freaking-classroom day. I end up making the drive four times. No. We do not live close enough to walk.
I could put the children on the bus, but I actually really like the process of the school drop off and pick up. When I went back to work full time it was one of the things I really missed. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being back in the office, but I felt a little robbed. I love those blissful first 5 minutes when school breaks up. The 5 minutes where everyone’s happy to see you and still in a state of euphoria of school being over. It usually takes about 5 minutes before everything turns pear shaped.
Except on Thursdays. The world is good on Thursdays.
We have a little Thursday afternoon ritual. Thursday is the end of the working/school week here. We stop at the corner store and everyone is allowed to chose 3 things for movie night (another Thursday ritual). We also count goats. Goats in motion.
He smiled for the camera.
Fluffy goats. We love the fluffy goats.
The “corner store” is full of surprises. Sometimes they have milk, sometimes they don’t. They always have bread. They always have chick peas, lentils and laban. Everyone has Laban. Laban is great, particularly if you are not putting it in your coffee when you’ve mistaken for milk. Yes I did.
The little travellers will peruse the lolly isle for roughly 10 minutes before choosing the EXACT same thing they chose the week before. It is never the lentils or the chickpeas.
In Australia, they’re Cheezels and Twistees. These names still make me laugh:
Why don’t we call them Fonzies in Australia? I’m highly partial to snacking on a Big Ring.
And on the trip home, while we’re discussing what we’re going to eat first, we keep counting the goats.
What are your family rituals?
Have a great weekend everyone and Eid Mubarak to my muslim friends. 

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