36 mosques in one square kilometre

It seemed like such a good idea at the time.

I was driving home with The Little Travellers from after school sports and it was one of those glorious Doha nights. The temperature was perfect and the sky was changing to that beautiful orange glow that I’ve only ever seen on this side of the world. I saw a group of men walking to the mosque at the end of our street and it made me think of an email that I received when I was back in Australia over the summer break.
I made one of those snap decisions. I thought instead of writing about it, it would make more sense to Vlog so you could see and hear what I was talking about. I raced upstairs, threw on the lippy, picked up the iPad and proceeded to make one of the worst Vlogs you’ll ever see.
I rambled, I was breathless, I lost the point. I was trying to get it all in quickly but the whole time I kept looking out of the window at the people wandering to the mosque and thinking “shit – I’ve missed it – this isn’t going to make any sense.” Then I cut the last bit of it out? You may notice the very abrupt ending – it goes well with the strange movie style beginning. 
I don’t think I’m cut out to Vlog.
You might also notice at the beginning of the Vlog I tell you I need sound – then I forgot to tell you why!
I wanted you to hear the mosque, but of course by the time I’d finished rambling – so had the mosque.
I think this may be the first and last Vlog I ever do.
All is not lost though, after I went to upload my Vlog I found a clip from a BBC presenter in Jeddah that I think describes EXACTLY what I failed so dismally to do. 
So now you get 2 clips – One bumbling woman talking to you with a fresh coat of lippy and one emotional journo who is moved to tears by the beauty of “36 mosques in one square kilometer”.

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