The Prince

G has been in London. The house takes on a different feel when he’s not around. The expectation that usually builds at about 6pm just isn’t there, the front door will not open to a squeal of “DADDY!”

Last night we ate early. Everyone was looking a little tired from their weekend. After we’d gone through the incredibly exciting routine that is bath, teeth and pajamas, I poured myself a nice big glass of wine.

When the Travelers were babies and G was traveling, bedtime became earlier and earlier . “No, it’s definitely 6 o’clock” well, it felt like 6 o’clock. The wine glass was proportionate to the duration of the trip. By the end of G’s time away I was looking for a flower vase for the Sauvignon Blanc.

I don’t feel that way anymore – it’s easier now. Now my pain comes in a different form – math homework.

Somehow the Third Little Traveler ended up with the Barbies last night. He’s usually strictly a Lego kind of guy so I was interested when he told me he wanted to make a movie using “The Prince” and Barbie.

When he comes to me in 10 years time and says he has a blatant mistrust for leggy blondes, I’ll just point him in this direction.

Barbie takes on a whole new persona in a different set of hands. In the next movie he made she began using The Prince’s head as a football and “scored”. I’m not sure what the Prince was doing for Barbie to harbor this sort of resentment. Maybe he was sleeping at the Hilton, flying first class and eating in central London? Maybe he bought her back a lipgloss when she was secretly hoping for the new iPhone 4S or maybe she didn’t secretly hope, maybe she just asked for one – but she got lipgloss instead.

When the fourth little traveller came to reclaim Barbie he shrieked “Where are her shoes? What have you done with her handbag? Look at her hair. She’s a mess!”

She was a mess, she’d been jumping up and down on the Prince’s head and it had taken its toll.

I’m sure Barbie knows she is very lucky to have everything she has. I’m sure she knows that she doesn’t really NEED the iPhone 4S. I’m sure she felt a little bit guilty this morning when she didn’t look that excited about her new lips gloss and the Qatar Airways complimentary chocolates.

I’m also sure that as soon as the iPhone 4S lands in Qatar – she can go and get one herself.

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