I missed it.

When she was tired, the first little traveller sucked on the the ear of her stuffed rabbit. He came everywhere, every trip, whether it was the supermarket or the airport. He weathered the conditions, tropical rain, desert sands and play group. The constant sucking led to damage. Grandma sewed his ear back together. He was perfect again.

One day she just stopped. I’m not sure when.

Somehow, I missed it.

One day I looked at Peter Rabbit and realized his ear was no longer damp. She’d moved on.

The second little traveller sucked her left thumb while playing with her eyelashes with her right hand. It was the cue for nap time, the thumb and the lashes. No pacifier or dummy, blanket or bear.  One thumb in the mouth, the other hand gently tapping each lash.

One day she stopped.  I’m not sure when.

Somehow, I missed it.

I saw and old photo, her lashes pressed in between her fingers with a thumb in her mouth and I realized she didn’t do it anymore. She’d moved on.

The third little traveller loved having a sticker on his forehead. Yes. Really. Every piece of fruit in the fruit bowl was raided for a sticker, every item from the store. “How much are you worth today?” I’d ask as I pulled $4.99 from his forehead. He was a banana, an orange, a kiwi fruit.

One day he stopped. I’m not sure when.

Somehow, I missed it.

Today the house is bedlam, the latest head count was 9 children. I had escaped to the couch and was reading a book when the fourth little traveller came to join me. He was tired, he can’t keep up with the others. He snuggled in to my lap, grabbed my hand and started to do his thing. I pushed the camera app on the ipad.

One day he will stop – because it would be weird to be 23 and still rubbing your mothers fingernails when you were tired.

One day, probably soon, he will stop.

I may not realize and I may not notice immediately.

But I will miss it – it will be gone.

Have you noticed any habits that have disappeared? Were they unnoticed?

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