Good Luck New Zulland.

Thus week I huv coloured the stars on our flug red. I um lustening to Crowded House, Splet Enz and Dave Dobbyn. The kuds are watching Lord of the Rungs und Kung Kong, cuz we all love Peter Juckson.

I saw my frunds from New Zulland thus morning. They were all viry huppy. I said “How about those Wallabies, dudn’t they play like Shut. All Blacks had them from begunning to ind. I’m so proud of New Zulland”.

“I thought you were from Australia Bro?” they said

“I um, but we Aussies claim iverytheng good from New Zulland. Rumember the Funs? Tum and Niell? They’re really bug in Australia?”

My frunds from New Zulland hadn’t seen thus clep, so I said I’d post it for thum.

I asked the Little Travelers who they’d barrack for this weekend in Rugby World Cup. The vote was unanimous “The Kiwis! We have to barrack for the Kiwi’s, all of our friends are Kiwis and it’s so close to Australia – we’re neighbours!”

At every International School the Little Travellers have been a part of, the Kiwis and the Aussies are always lumped together. Our flags look very similar, our accents differ only slightly and we tend to have a very similar view on the world. We join clubs together, and on ANZAC day each year we remember the history and the depth of our relationship. In Qatar each year over six hundred Kiwis and Australians get together for the ANZA ball and the party is HUGE.

New Zealand has had a really crap year. I have listened to many stories about lost houses, struggling relatives and devastation caused by natural disasters.

It’s about time the Kiwis had something big to celebrate.

The French, I don’t think they’ve got a chence.

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