Family Day

I think it’s always good, before any large Family Day event, to make sure that you arrive home the night before at 2.30am. When you wake up on “Family Day” you will congratulate yourself for those immortal words that were spoken at 2.15. “Shall we finish the night with a bottle of champagne”.

Thank you Doha Film Festival people for the Hotdogs. The hotdogs helped. Having to line up in three different places to eventually get them – not so much.

Thank you to all of the School choirs that sang in the open air theatre – you were seriously cute, even with sun beating down on our faces. Thank you to the Dad with the video camera who changed seats like a commando soldier five times during his child’s performance to get the very best angle. I promise it was not me who laughed out loud when you eventually tripped mid commando roll on isle 10.

Thank you to the amazing woman who painted the girls hands with Henna – I could have watched you do that all day. And with the line up that was there when we left, it’s possible you are still there. To my child, who then accidentally wiped their Henna on the back on my very favourite overpriced blue shirt that I bought in Australia. I have forgiven you, but only because you are cute. And you shared your water with me. I needed a LOT of water.

Thank you to the Bollywood dancers and the drummers. Yes, the drummers! You guys were great. And you were quite loud weren’t you?! When we got up nice and close to the speaker I could actually feel the vibration in my head.

We loved the kites, both those in the sky and the ones we got to make in the kite tent.

G particularly liked carrying the kites. Those long jabby bits of plastic proved to be great swords on the way home in the car. Thankfully everyone still has the use of both eyes.

We also loved the bubble garden, the sandcastles, and the craft tent.

These guys were amazing – The Little Travellers said “she must REALLY trust him”. Have a look at Doha in the background.

Doha Film Institute – your Family Day just gets better and better. I just wish it didn’t always have to coincide with Halloween weekend and the breast cancer walk. A few of the venues were perhaps a little rough around the edges.

But then again so was I.

Next year, more sleep, less champagne.

When will I learn?

What’s your worst, ahem, “tired” event with children? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

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