Bracket Explanations

My phone list is full of bracket explanation contacts, bracket explanation contacts look like this, Lucy  (Mathew’s Mum) and Susan  (Lauren’s Mum). There is the occasional smattering of Dave – (Sarah’s Dad) but mostly it’s Mums. They’re women I’ve met through my children. People who I’ve sat at a swimming lesson or a school gate with and they’ve suggested a play date or car pooling for a school event and we’ve exchanged numbers.

Most of these women are parents of children my children go to school with. Which would make them fall in to the category of “Mums from School” or the much dreaded “School Mums”. Sounds sexy doesn’t it? School Mums. I can’t recall ever saying “When I grow up I want to be a School Mum”. I remember I wanted to be part of the Kiss Army and one of Charlie’s Angels but I never a School Mum.

Last week I received a message from Whitney – (Daisy’s Mum). We met about 18 months ago at the Fourth Little Travelers Nursery School.  About once a week we’d meet by chance outside the classroom or in the playground and we’d have one of those conversations you have with someone you’re just getting to know. I remember asking Whitney what she did before moving to Doha “I’m a Lawyer” she said.

Whitney and I ran in to each other a few times last year, we were both sucked in volunteers for various things at the school, I’d usually be lost or late, Whitney would smile and tell me where the meeting was or giggle at my perpetual complaining of having to decorate the freaking classroom door. So last week, when she sent me a message asking for the 4th Travelers classroom number, because she had something to drop off, I presumed it was a party invitation.

It was so much better than a party invitation.

When I picked up Henry Hotdog from school his teacher was holding a large white envelope. “This is from Whitney – Daisy’s Mum” she said.

Attached to the envelope was a post-it note  “I saw this on Facebook, I hope you don’t mind but I painted it”

Whitney is a Lawyer.
Whitney is a Painter.
Whitney is a Mother.
Whitney is a Wife.
Whitney is a sucker for volunteering at School.
Whitney gave me one of the most wonderful surprises I’ve ever received.
Whitney is so much more than a “School Mum”.

If only I could fit all of that in to my “contacts” in my phone.

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