Black Gold

Tonight’s the night.

Everyone’s frocking up and getting out their bling.

Film Festivals are sexy aren’t they? Red carpets, celebrities, press rooms and opening night parties – it all starts tonight.

I was there last year, it was hot and sticky. Not tonight though, it’s gorgeous in Doha tonight.

Over the next few days over 50 films will be screened from 35 countries at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival. They’ll be more subtitles than a hearing loss convention.

The big one, the one that’s got everyone a bit excited, is tonights premier.

Black Gold.

Filmed partly in Qatar with actors from Tunsia, Egypt. Morocco, Algeria and Lebanon, the film has a truly authentic feel – particularly if you try to forget that Antonio Banderas is Spanish.  My favourite statistic from Black Gold is not the 10,000 extras or the 2000 horses. It’s the 10,000 camels. That’s a lot of camels. And a shed load of camel poo to clean up. Do you think that’s what the extras were doing?

Here it is.

Are you a Film Festival person? And if you’re in Doha and did go tonight – how was it?

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