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The Little Travellers are in week six of their school holidays. They’ve had six weeks of being completely spoilt by Grandparents, Aunties and friends. Six weeks of rediscovering their love of a finger bun and a pie with sauce. Six weeks to invent the intriguing game of lets tie someone to the basketball hoop while we skate down the driveway and throw balls at them. Don’t ask. I have no idea either, but it keeps them entertained for hours and we’ve only had one blood nose.

The phrase “go outside and play” is a popular one in our household, but as any parent knows, sometimes the television can be handy, especially at about five in the afternoon when Mummy has just poured her first bottle glass of wine.

The Little Travellers are enjoying their annual fix of Aussie TV but I’m afraid it’s not just about Masterchef, it’s the bits in between. It’s the commercials.

The Little Travelers live in a relatively commercial free world in Qatar, partly because local TV is in Arabic and mostly because they tend to watch DVD’s and downloads. The result in Australia, is I now appear to live in a house full of infomercial wannabes. If you’re looking for a slogan or catchphrase, please contact your closest Little Traveller.

As we made our way through the supermarket last week, The Third Traveller made a comment as I looked at the shavers, “you have to get this one, it’s revolutionary” he told me earnestly. “It gets closer, it’s the blade – revolutionary”.

Perhaps I could have just dismissed it, but when The Second Little Traveller squealed with excitement at the discovery of a particular mop “this will be your new best friend, it has a fillable handle, you won’t even need a bucket” I knew we were in trouble.

Over dinner I foolishly entered in to a discussion on why we couldn’t have cable TV. I was quickly told it would provide “the best entertainment options and would keep the ENTIRE family happy”. I mentioned it may also keep the ENTIRE family poor. They said something about affordable monthly installments. I checked behind their ears to see if I could see where the Aliens implanted the chips.

There are six more weeks of holidays left. It’s possible, if the infliction continues, you may see them selling exercise equipment on late night television before we go.

This weekend is the annual girls weekend. The Little Travelers will go to Granny’s house and a group of women who are old enough to know better will proceed to forget about mortgages, schedules and facial hair and instead will think only of food, wine and friendship. Even though we’re not going to Vegas I’m thinking if I show The Little Travelers this commercial they may give me a leave pass, especially if I tell them it’s Chin Chilli Day.

After watching this I decided that perhaps some commercials are okay, particularly the ones that aren’t about mops, cable TV and shavers.

Do your children have a favourite television show or are you a commercial free zone?

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