How to be alone

When I was a child I wasn’t a big fan of being alone. It wasn’t that I didn’t spend any time alone, with two working parents and a sister who was six years older, there were many pockets of alone time. I remember quite a bit of quality time with the dog. Together we came up with new and exciting games like I’ll run around and around the house and you can try and catch me, unfortunately she was easily distracted and a passing car could change the game dramatically. I also played lets go through Mum and Dads drawers and lets take a good look at the biscuit tin, but most of the time I’d just hop on my bike or walk over to a friends house.

As a teen and later as a young adult being alone, to me, signified being friendless and lonely. I would have never considered grabbing a coffee, going to a movie or hitting the dance floor on my own. All events required friends, as many as I could find. I loved to be surrounded by noise, preferably people talking over the top of each other with sporadic bursts of uncontrollable laughter.

Heaven forbid, if I found myself stuck at home for any part of the weekend “I’m bored” I’d say to my mother, “only unintelligent people get bored” was her standard reply.

I finally understood the joy of being alone after having children. Those stolen moments of peace. I now truly appreciate the phrase ‘time to gather my thoughts’. If G is traveling or the schedule looks like a bus timetable, I find it often takes me an extra two minutes to get out of the car after everyone else. Stolen moments of alone.

I’ve watched the clip below so many times I’ve lost count. I love the sentiment. “Resist the urge to hang out with your cell phone. Lonely is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless”.

I’m not sure why it took me being completely maxed out on human contact to finally enjoy my own company but I’m glad it eventually happened. I think I have FINALLY learnt how to be alone.

What about you? How do you feel about being alone?

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