Not so far away

Christmas Eve in Qatar involved a bit of Irish fun with more silliness and an enormous tree that had to be “trimmed” to fit in the room. The Little Travelers spent the evening running between the legs of their parents who were holding glasses of mulled wine whilst singing Christmas carols.

On the drive home our patriotism (and maybe the mulled wine) got the better of us and we listened to John Williamson sing Waltzing Maltilda and we sang at full strength with the windows down, we thought we were great…..I’m not sure if everyone else agreed.

After a bit of dancing to the Bare Naked Ladies singing Jingle Bells the Little Travelers surrendered. Cookies, milk and carrots were placed on the usual plates and secret notes were folded, kissed and discussed. We checked to see if we could see Santa in the sky.

As I type G is outside swearing at an instruction booklet that’s trying to give him guidance on how to put the basketball hoop together…’s not going well, but it’s really fun to watch.

For those who are far from home. Have a look at how much further you could be. Amazing.

Whether it’s a celebration or just a normal day for you……I wish you the best.


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