This Saturday I’m grateful for…………

Have you visited any of those gorgeous blogs with beautiful photo’s and cleverly crafted shots of all things yummy and pretty? They make me sigh out loud. I am green with envy when I look at those sites. One of my favourites is Maxabella loves.

Each Saturday there is yet another beautifully finished page with a “this Saturday I’m grateful for,” today I woke up to see cousin Bianca being grateful for her hair straighteners….the transformation shot is incredible!

After spending an evening with 3 men in my bed (be careful what you wish for it may just come true one day), I awoke at 7 to hear our front door closing. Little traveler number 3 had escaped, it’s a little trick he has, he likes to go and “visit” people from about 6.30am on the weekends…’s only 7.05 and we already have an apology to make to a neighbour. Little travelers 1 and 2 are happily playing the playroom but number 4 has a “to do” list for me before I’ve even opened my eyes, his Barbie’s hair just isn’t quite right, his mask that he made at school is broken, he can’t find his Scooby Doo t-shirt and he feels it’s his civic duty to tell me at least five times that his brother left the house without asking. With one eye open I see G enter the room with this:

This Saturday, I’m grateful for G and the simplicity of a tray filled with vegemite on toast, cups of tea and oranges.

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