This Saturday I’m grateful for…………Growing Older

Back in to the Spirit of Maxabella’s gratefulness………..

After a week of the most relaxing school holidays I’ve ever had, I’m very grateful that the little travelers are no longer babies or toddlers. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the baby smells, their first steps and those cute mispronounced words, it’s always fun to look back at the video footage and giggle at what looks like badly managed crowd control. As much as I loved it though, I haven’t forgotten the days that were spent in a robotic sleep deprived fog. 
There are some beautiful things that come with age, for all of us.
This week we’ve slept in, yes, SLEPT IN! We went to the pool and no one did a poo in either the pool or their bathers? Score! After years of arriving loaded up like donkeys about to trek the Himalayas, we arrived with towels slung over our shoulders and a tube of sunscreen. I was tanned, skinny and wearing a black string bikini…….okay, so maybe the last bit wasn’t true.
A simple trip to the movies this week was just that, a simple trip.  We ordered lunch and there wasn’t a mashed banana or a babyccino in sight. I kept my boobs in my bra throughout the entire lunch, although the same can’t be said for dinner, it may have been the wine.
We’ve gone from hoping no one steps on the baby while the photo gets taken
To the four of them lining themselves up and asking if I’ll record them saying Hello. Here’s the Little Travelers 1 through 4. Enjoy your weekend, no matter what your stage.

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