"There’s poo on my tie"

Yesterday was G’s birthday. Here’s the shot taken just after he blew out the candles. G’s birthday falls on Halloween so his birthday dinner is always a little chaotic, set amongst a stream of trick or treaters while the beagle barks incessantly at the doorbell.

The picture was taken on my iphone. It’s not like we don’t own one of those HUGE ridiculous camera’s with the big paparazzi style lens, we do. It’s upstairs in the cupboard.

Why didn’t I just run up and get it?

When I carried out the cake and the candles needed to be lit, people were chanting in a caveman style “we want cake, we want cake” and someone was standing on a chair doing a one legged yoga pose….. It just seemed easier to grab the iphone.

As I took the shot I had a good look at G. I reckon he looks pretty good.  I mean, let’s put it all in to perspective.

He started like this, this is when he could do the “all nighter” of the newlywed variety:

Then his “all nighters” changed in to those of the feeding and changing variety. This is the man who rang me from the office after a sleepless night with our brand new baby and said in a weary voice “I just walked out of a meeting, looked down and realized I have poo on my tie”:

Throw in a little more sleep deprivation, a change in job, a couple of bomb scares at the office, a shed load of international travel, another baby, another international move and you get this. Still pulling the “all nighters” of the feeding and changing variety, but he’s added teething and sheet changing to his repertoire. See how he’s working that clown bath stool he’s sitting on. HOT!

He tried a few “new” looks:

It was after the 3rd child and the 4th international move he started dressing up as a cowboy:

then an Indian

And then somehow all those little people started to sleep, and no one wet their bed anymore and a few people started brushing their own teeth. Once, someone even brushed their own hair AND their teeth on the same day!

Then he came back to me. Look at him here!
After we’d sang Happy Birthday and cut the cake, I asked if he’d made a wish.  I received the very cheeky reply of “you bet” as he gave me “that” look.  He still thinks he can pull an all nighter. 

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