Who is Brigitte Lacombe?

Doha doesn’t do anything on a small scale. If you build an outdoor theatre you make it a huge marble amphitheater with mind blowing acoustics and have a spectacular backdrop of the ocean.  It leaves you speechless for the first two minutes of laying eyes on it. If you build a soccer stadium you make it the first outdoor solar cooled stadium in the world. If you have a photographic exhibition you get Brigitte Lacombe to come to town.

I don’t work for the Doha Film Institute so I can be excused for being a little clueless on this one.

As I’ve been driving the little travelers to school this week I have driven past hundreds of posters with beautifully taken shots of what appears to be every day people. Little traveler number 1 was the first to notice just how good they are. As we sat at the lights she said “See how you can see that the lady’s been laughing, see the tear in her eye”. Little traveler number 4 said “she’s bootiful”. We all agreed. Her head was tossed back, she was mid smile, she had been caught at the perfect moment. Someone who knew about people, about capturing their souls, had taken the shot. Number 4 was right, she was beautiful.

This week over coffee with a few of the DFI team I learnt a little bit about Brigitte Lacombe, she’s French so you get to say Breeejeeeet and sound all fancy. She has a sister called Marian, you can call her Mahriooooooohn, don’t you just love speaking English with a French accent!

Brigitte has been the official photographer on hundreds of film sets since the 70’s. She’s worked with Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Sam Mendes, Steven Spielberg…..I could keep going but I’m sure you’ve realized by now that she’s photographed just about everyone and anyone and her shots are mesmerizing. Please go and have a look at her website.

It turns out the people in the photographs are all involved in the Arab Film Industry. Like I said, I’m clueless when it comes to film, but I know now. Brigitte and her sister have traveled over 10 countries in the past year (not with 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle though), while Brigitte has been taken the shots, Marion’s been making a documentary of the process. The results are true Doha style. Spectacular!

Just another thing to go and see at the Doha Tribecca Film Festival. Check out their website for details.

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