Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez-Pinault – or you can just call her Salma Hayek

The word is out. Salma Hayek-Pinault is coming to Doha.
As you can imagine the team at DFI are incredibly excited and this is big big news for DTFF. There’s all sorts of fantastic rumors that Salma will also be at TEDx. I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of sleep deprived people in Doha from the 26th – 30th of this month.
Now, in most blogs/articles,  this would be the part where I would waffle on with my own personal opinions of Salma’s work. I’d mention the film credits, the huge highs, the nasty lows, the awards, Ugly Betty, the humanitarianism and then the nitty gritty of her relationships blah blah blah. But really, if you wanted that you wouldn’t be here, you’d be on one of those tacky websites that require a shower after a visit.
No, what I thought I’d do is see what Salma and I had in common (you know, for when myself, Robert DeNiro, John Cusack and Salma are off doing the school run, sitting in the bleachers at swimming lessons and pushing the shopping trolley down the isles of the supermarket). I thought I’d find out what we could talk about. 
Lets see, Salma went to boarding school – okay, there you go, so did I. 
Salma abruptly left the boarding school…..hmmm I wonder if she got in a fight with Kylie Zeitz as well? 
Salma is a mother, yes, me to. 
Salma breast fed her children, yes, there we go again, we’re like sisters. 
Salma breast fed someone else’s child. You rock Salma, if you’re holding on to a starving child the best way to make it not starving, is to feed it. I would have done the same myself.
Salma doesn’t like snakes, neither do I. Actually Salma really really doesn’t like snakes. Salma can do amazing things in high heels when she see’s a snake.

I like Salma.

This is exactly what I would do!

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