Best Comedy Series of all time

Last week I was “tagged”, not in a punch you in the arm and run away kind of tag but in the blogging kind of way. The very talented Heather from Note from Lapland had commented on London City Mum’s post on the best comedy series ever.

Then it was on.

All sorts of bloggers started to get involved, Kiwi’s living in London, a Brit living in Finland and a Scottish woman living in ……….Scotland. I’ll list them all at the end of the blog so you can check out their fabulous blogs and their various opinions.

I feel completely ill informed to comment on this topic, but that’s never stopped me before so I’ll just pour myself another glass of bubbles and get the ball rolling.

Growing up in rural Australia meant I was limited to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission), which is kind of like the BBC except the people are tanned, happy and have better teeth. The ABC provided the best of British humour. I never questioned that EVERYTHING was British but I guess I never questioned that I was singing God Save the Queen at School Assembly either.

We stuffed ourselves on a TV diet of The Good Life, George and Mildred, The Two Ronnies, Steptoe and Son, Yes Minister and the real corker, Robins Nest! Remember that? I would get shuttled off to bed as The Dave Allen Show began but I’d always quietly sneak down to the kitchen and lean against the refrigerator to see Dave with his Scotch in one hand and cigar in the other.  “Is that you out there Kirsty?” “Just grabbing a glass of milk Mum”.

I have to agree with A modern military mother  on her strong regard for Absolutely Fabulous, remember Patsy with the gazillion nicotene patches all over her body after the non smoking cab ride? Brilliant television.

I’m also a big fan of The Office and yes Only Fools and Horses was great BUT OH MY GOD YOU BRITS BLOODY LOVE IT DON’T YOU?!

It would be completely un Ostraylian if I didn’t agree that Kath and Kim was thigh slapping pass the Cardonay funny, but it was a little lost in translation.

Which brings me to the Best Comedy Series of all time. It’s controversial. Very controversial. You see, it’s fairly new, it’s only in its second series BUT the worst thing…….. it’s American.

I know!

I think it’s wet your pants hysterical.

The winner for me.


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