What day is it?

There are some things that stay the same no matter where you live. Last year for Mothers Day we were in Houston. The little travelers presented me home made cards with adorable spelling errors and scratchy handwriting. Songs were sang, poems were written and number 3 came back from a shopping expedition with his father and said “it’s a secret, we got you a present, but don’t tell anyone, it’s on top of Dad’s cupboard”.

This year for Mothers Day I was once again presented with beautiful home made cards, this time there were less spelling errors and the writing was clearer and more legible. It was number 4’s time this year to announce randomly at the dinner table last night in a high and excitable tone “we got you a box of chocolates, it’s a secret, it’s in Dad’s cupboard”.

What is different this year though is that Sunday is a work day. I think I’ve mentioned before that Sunday is the beginning of the work week in Qatar and that our weekend falls on Friday/Saturday. Friday is to a muslim what Sunday is to a Christian so it only makes logical sense that Friday be on a weekend. I personally love having Friday’s off. What can be confusing though is the sudden change in vocabulary. No longer can you “thank god it’s Friday”, sing along to “Just another Manic Monday”, go for a “Sunday drive” or have “a lazy Sunday afternoon”. 

This being the case means that Mothers Day Sunday has a whole different feel. This morning there was no lazy lie in, no cheeky breakfast in bed or time for a snuggle (with either G or the little travelers). Although I’m sure G would beg to differ on that.

This morning involved the usual chaos. From the moment the little travelers eyes open they are in negotiation mode.  We negotiate getting out of bed, “appropriate” clothing, what to eat for breakfast, what goes in the lunch box. Clothes of different descriptions make their way down the stairs and get sent back up to try again. “Those shorts are a size 3 and you are now 9 years old”, “no you can’t wear your spiderman suit to school”. Lies are told and familiar and ridiculous responses are made “I did brush my teeth, smell my breath”…..”then why is your toothbrush dry?”  “because I only used toothpaste, not water”. All of this is done in fast motion, as the beagle flies through the air to abscond with another piece of toast I can hear the Benny Hill music playing in the background. I ask questions I never thought I would. “Did you wipe your bottom?” “Why can’t I see any toilet paper then?” “Please go and wipe you bottom and FLUSH!” 

As we race out to the car with backpacks being zipped and water bottles leaking I am reminded of a youtube clip I was sent a few years ago. I wish I was cool enough to say that none of the song applied to me. Enjoy!

‘William Tell Overture’ Mom

Happy Mothers Day.

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